Chicken & Dandelion Treats - STRIPS - resealable bag

Chicken & Dandelion Treats - STRIPS - resealable bag



Dehydrated Chicken and Dandelion Treats - strips - recommended for big dogs

Packaged in a resealable bag

Weight of dehydrated product ~70+ grams

Made from chicken breast (human-grade, no added preservatives), certified organic Dandelion leaf

Store in the refrigerator

Pet food only

Additional Information:
DANDELION leaf and (botanical name: Taraxacum officinale)

The Cat & Dog Bowl sources certified organic dandelion leaf from an Australian company that promotes the network of ethical growers who provide responsibly sourced herbs, healthy for people and planet alike.

Dandelion leaf is safe for cats and dogs to consume*

Dandelion may:

· help dogs with gas
· help digestion and kidney function
· stimulate appetite
· encourage beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract
· promote healthy digestion
· support liver function and detoxification
· improve tooth enamel
· support the cardiovascular system
· promote healthy teeth and bones
· help maintain stable blood sugar levels
· help remove toxins from the body via the kidneys
· may help with feline allergies

*all herbs, whether consumed by humans, cats or dogs, should be eaten in small quantities