Chicken & Coriander Treats - jar

Chicken & Coriander Treats - jar



Dehydrated Chicken and Coriander Treats - recommended for cats and dogs

Packaged in a 240ml glass jar (6.5cm x 11.5cm)

Weight of dehydrated product ~85 - 95 grams

Made from chicken breast (human-grade, no preservatives added), coriander (coriandum sativum) leaf

Store in the refrigerator

Pet food only

Additional Information:

Coriander (botanical name: coriandum sativum) leaf

The Cat & Dog Bowl sources coriander leaf from an Australian company that promotes the network of ethical growers who provide responsibly sourced herbs, healthy for people and planet alike.

An annual herb also known as Chinese Parsley, Dhania or Cilantro.  Coriander leaf has a tart, lemon/lime taste.

Coriander leaf is safe for cats and dogs to consume*


  • help lower blood sugar
  • benefit heart health
  • protect brain health
  • promote digestion and gut health
  • calm upset stomach or ease digestion problems
  • fight infections
  • protect skin

Contains vitamin A, C, potassium, zinc and other essential minerals

* all herbs, whether consumed by humans, cats or dogs, should be eaten in small quantities