Meal Topper x 4 Pack: save 10% (price includes postage)

Meal Topper x 4 Pack: save 10% (price includes postage)



Dehydrated Meal Topper (powder) - suitable for cats and dogs

Choose four meal toppers, any flavours.   Packaged in 4 x resealable bags
Beef (n/a), chicken, roo, sardine, chicken and cat nip, chicken and dandelion, chicken and rosemary, chicken & coriander, heart, liver

To make your pet's meal extra flavoursome sprinkle with a pinch of the meal topper.

The topper can also be used to tempt fussy eaters.

Great for those raw feeders when changing to a new batch.

Postage cost is included in the $29.30 price. Select the $0 postage option at checkout. 

$29.30 is the total price for the meal topper pack and postage. This is a savings of 10%.

Other products included in the order will not receive 10% off. 

Each topper is made from ~60-80 grams of human-grade dehydrated meat, no preservatives added. 

Store in the refrigerator

Pet Food Only