Christmas Treat Box

Christmas Treat Box


Pre-order now for delivery in early December


Christmas Treat Box

$10 per box

Choose from pack A, B or C

Postage is $10.80.
4 Christmas boxes fit in one postage box. 

Pre-order now for posting in early December.  Please let me know if you want your boxes posted prior to December.

All treats are made using human-grade meat with no preservatives. 

Pack A - Chicken Box

5 x small bags of treats
chicken, chicken & cat nip, chicken & dandelion, chicken & rosemary, chicken & coriander

Pack B - Mixed Treat Box

5 x small bags of treats
lamb liver, beef, ox heart, chicken, roo

Pack C - Cat Box

4 x small bags of treats &
1 x small bag of dried cat nip

chicken, chicken & cat nip, liver, roo

Pet Food Only